Engineering Textiles


There are a wide range of textiles available that are produced by converting ceramic/glass fibre as well as processing yarns into a woven format. CF textiles are suitable for use at high temperatures (up to 1400°C) and maintain their flexibility which means they are ideal for use in forming thermal seals and gap filling applications such as door seals, expansion joints and gland packing.



Yarn is manufactured using ceramic fibre and is the base of all the ceramic textile products. The yarn is reinforced with either a glass filament or a fine Inconel wire.


Cloth is woven from an Inconel or glass wire reinforced yarn.

Cabled rope (high density)

High density cabled rope is made from yarn which is either glass filament or Inconel wire reinforced. Comprising of 3 pre-twisted strands, each section contains a multiple of yarns which are twisted together to make a product that is flexible with a high density.

Cabled rope (low density)

Low density cabled rope is made from a glass filament reinforced Ceramic extract. Like the high density version, it comprises of 3 pre-twisted strands each containing a multiple of ceramic yarns which are then twisted together to form a flexible, low density rope.

Twisted rope

Twisted rope contains multiple strands of ceramic yarn, which can be either glass filament or Inconel reinforced. They are twisted together to obtain the required diameter. The results give a soft rope product that is easily compressed and is ideal for use where a seal needs to be obtained between uneven surfaces.

Rope lagging

Rope lagging consists of a strip of ceramic blanket that is over braided and combined with a glass yarn. This combination of raw materials makes for a highly insulating product with a medium density, which is also highly compressible and flexible.


Webbing is made from either woven glass or Inconel wire reinforced ceramic yarn.

Ladder tape

Like ceramic webbing, ladder tape is woven from either glass or Inconel wire reinforced ceramic yarn and has similar weave characteristics to cloth on its outer edges but an open weave in the centre. This allows for easy installation over studs and is also ideal as a gasketing material which can be pressed or cut.

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