CC100, 150, 350 & 450

CALCAST® is a high performance technical ceramic board manufactured from Calcium Silicate.

The non-wetting properties of CALCAST® are ideally suited for use in direct contact with non-ferrous molten metal applications. The higher density grade exhibits extremely low shrinkage – ideal for use in applications which require the product to retain its dimensional integrity.

Densities range from 850kg/m3 through to 1050kg/m3 with operating temperatures from 850˚C to 1000˚C. CALCAST® is machined to bespoke shapes in our fully automated CNC shop.

CALCAST® is typically used for applications such as launder sections, troughs, dams, skim-dams, sprue bushes, intermediate tubes, nozzles, down-spouts, plugging sticks, hot-top rings and transition rings. CALCAST® is also ideally suited as a hot-face lining for holding furnaces and as an insulator in various heat treatment equipment.

Other benefits include:

  • Non wetting to molten aluminium
  • High strength
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lasting
  • Machinable
  • Hot Face Lining for direct contact with Molten Aluminum in Dosing/Holding Furnaces
  • Launders/Troughs
  • Oven and Dryer Shelving
  • Aluminium Consumables such as Floats, Spouts and Transition Plates
  • Back-up Insulation for Kilns and Furnaces
Typical Composition

Non-wetting to most non-ferrous molten metals.

High chemical stability in alkaline media.Reactive in acid media.

  • Calcium Silicate - Hydrate
  • Wollastonite

GRADE CC100 CC150 CC350 CC450
DENSITY kg/m3 860 1040 1050 950
Flexural MPa 7 10 13 15
Compressive MPa 14 20 28 27
HARDNESS Shore D 55 66 70 65
MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE ˚C 1000 1000 1000 1000
SHRINKAGE – (Linear - Width/Thickness) @ 750˚C for 12hrs % 0.2/0.6 0.05/0.2 0.25/0.8 0.1/0.6
THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY @ 800˚C W/mK 0.28 0.29 0.29 0.28
The data provided is taken from average test results conducted under standard procedures and conditions and should not be used for specification purposes.

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